Poetry Friday: A correction, a poem, and a nice problem to have

Last week, I shared with you a poem I titled “Forest Fir,” which made reference to pinecones hanging like bells. I had no idea I was completely wrong.

You see, two days ago I learned that fir trees – unlike their evergreen siblings and cousins – grow their cones upward. Yep, that’s right – the darned things shoot straight up from their branches like rockets waiting for their countdown. So as much as I liked my poem, it couldn’t stay as-is.

I re-titled the one I shared last week and set to work trying to come up with a new poem about evergreens. I managed to write a completely different poem about fir trees, but I also came up with a third poem about evergreens. So now I’m wondering about the possibilities of how to turn this simple exercise into a project. I’ll need to come up with more evergreen poems, but it’s nice problem to have, I’d say!

The irony in all of this is that I still have not written a “Word-of-the-Month” poem for poet David L. Harrison’s blog. The word of the month? “Evergreen.” >sigh<

Here’s the other problem: I’ve been so busy writing these potentially-publishable poems this week that I couldn’t share any of them here! So that meant I had to come up with another one. Fortunately, I’m up for the challenge. Hope you like it! And if you can’t get enough, Paul Hankins is hosting Poetry Friday today at his blog, These 4 Corners.

icy water (image)
(click to enlarge)
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14 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: A correction, a poem, and a nice problem to have

  1. Thanks for the interesting info about firs vs. evergreens and their pine cones. Liked your poem with those “bells” anyway, and this new one with the “frost deep footprints.” 🙂


  2. Julie Larios

    Oh, I do like that new poem you’ve posted, Matt. Sounds like it was a very evergreen week for you – and learning new things (pine cones up!) is always a plus, no?


  3. Whether you can share or not, I love the idea that has emerged from the evergreen observations. And, speaking of observations, you’ve shared still another beautiful one, Matt. Ice water pooled in footprints is lovely.


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