Poetry Friday: The Winter Poetry Swap, part II!


Before we get too far, let me first apologize to my Poetry Friday friends, whose blogs I have not been frequenting lately. I really want to check out everyone’s blogs – and try to get to as many as I can – but it’s been a difficult task these past couple of weeks.

You see, I’ve been busy…

Clockwise, from left: Pepparkakor (Scandinavian spice cookie), Sugar cookies, Peanut Blossoms (flourless dough!), Christmas Haystacks (A southern treat made with chow mein noodles, peanuts, and melted butterscotch chips), Chocolate-Peppermint Brownie Cookies (If a brownie was given the chance to be a cookie for one day, this is what it would taste like!), Serinakakor (Scandinavian butter cookie w/almonds), Strawberry-Oatmeal Jumbles,
And that’s not even all of them!
Made about 11 dozen of these, alone…if you don’t count all the ones I tasted in the interest of quality control.

Let’s break this down: 16 dozen pepparkakor, 4 dozen serinakakor, 11 dozen chocolate-peppermint brownie cookies, 8 dozen sugar cookies, 5 1/2 dozen strawberry oatmeal bars, 3 1/2 dozen peanut blossoms, and 3 dozen haystacks. That’s 51 and a half dozen cookies, in case you’re wondering.

And yes, I kept count!

That’s over 600 cookies, baked in less than a week, with a 3-year-old here at the house destroying everything she can get her mitts on. Add in Christmas shopping, decorating, trying to find time to write, and getting my voiceover work done, and…well, as I said, I’ve been busy.

But with the Big Day just days away, all that’s left is cleaning the house, wrapping the remaining presents, and getting food prepped for Sunday – so things are starting to slow down to the relaxed pace that we expect at Christmas.

My family & I will be attending a Christmas Eve-Eve service tonight, then settling in for a nice long weekend. I, for one, cannot wait!

So now, then…the poetry. In last week’s post, I told you about Tabatha Yeatt’s 2016 Winter Poetry Swap, where folks exchange poetry and a gift with others, and I shared the poem that Keri Collins Lewis had written for me.

Today, I’m sharing the poem I wrote for educator, blogger, and poet Margaret Simon! I decided that it might be interesting to read through several of her past blog posts about Christmas and create a found poem from some of the words and phrases I came across. Here’s how it turned out (click to enlarge):

Margaret shared this poem on her blog a couple days ago, so I wanted to share it here, as well. Hope you liked it! For more poetry, head on over to Buffy’s Blog, where Buffy Silverman is hosting Poetry Friday today!


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24 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: The Winter Poetry Swap, part II!

  1. Merry Christmas, Matt! Congrats on all those cookies. Pass the plate? ;0)
    I know what you mean about not always getting to make the rounds – I’m sure I’ve missed a lot of poetry magic these last couple months not getting to as many posts as I’d like. I’m thankful this is a flexible, accepting crowd!
    LOVE your Swap gift to Margaret – very thoughtful and creative, like the two of you. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Karen Eastlund

    Matt: Very nice poem… letting go is the lesson I’m trying to learn. You are quite amazing, with your baking and your kids and your poems and voiceovers. We have some Scandinavian background also… reminds me that we made pepperkakors one year and a friend of ours broke a tooth on one… yikes! My hubby is the baker in our house also… maybe it’s the Scandinavian blood?
    Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope you can let go, relax and enjoy.


  3. Matt, you are quite a busy fellow these days as dad, baker, poet, and elf supreme. I have been baking too and as fast as I bake, out the door they go to all who enjoy my cookies. Thank you for your contribution to Autumnventure. I just love the photo you paired with the poem. I read your gift to Margaret and thought it was ingenious that you researched and then wrote a fine poem for her. Happy Holidays.


  4. margaretsmn

    So wish I was your face to face friend, so I could benefit from all that baking. Wow! That’s over the top! Thanks again for my thoughtful poem and ornament. Both are treasures. Happy Holidays!


  5. I would say you deserve a break (as does your oven!). I’m so impressed. This reminds me of the Christmas baking I helped my mom with when I was still at home as one of nine children. You have a blessed and well-cookied family.

    I love your poem too. It conveys so well the memories and overwhelm of Christmas. Have a wonderful one with your family!


    1. Thank you, Violet! Baking this many cookies just requires some prep work, like making some of the dough ahead of time and making sure you have all your ingredients, so that when baking time comes you’re ready to get cranking! Have a nice Christmas, too!


  6. Julie Larios

    600 cookies!!! (I feel like adding 597 more exclamation marks, Matt!) That is SO impressive. I made 5 dozen cookies for friends and felt like a world-class baker, but 600? Wow!
    Lovely collection of Christmas thoughts in that poem, too. Isn’t winter a wonderful season…especially if you have time to relax after all the busyness. Put your feet up and rest! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! (that’s seven exclamation marks in all…I’m 593 short….)


    1. Ha, thanks, Julie…I appreciate your thoughts! I usually make 4 or 5 different kinds of cookies each Christmas and give most away to other folks – and this year, my wife wanted to give more cookies away to more people, so I just figured I’ll double and triple some of my recipes and add a couple of extra goodies and I should have enough! (It also helps that my idea of relaxing is BAKING!) Have a great Christmas and New Year, as well!


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