Poetry Friday: “Dog Clown”

I’ve been quite busy this week – and if you can’t comprehend just how busy, I invite you to take a peek inside the mind of a writer! This past Tuesday’s post can fill you in…but it doesn’t fill you in on everything.

You see, since I shared that post, I’ve become wrapped up in another project! I had poems I wanted to write, a book to organize…but no. My brain had other plans.

poetryfridaybutton-fulllMonday night, without warning, I was smacked in the cerebrum with an idea for another picture book. While I love coming up with ideas like this, they can be rather bothersome when one already has other plans. I had no choice but to scrap those plans and get to work writing this new picture book.

As with all my picture book concepts, I do a fair amount of research to determine if anything like it is already in the marketplace – and I haven’t come across anything quite like this. That’s a good sign! So now that I’ve completed the first few drafts, I need to work on polishing it.

And then I hope to get back to the manuscript I was working on in the first place!

So for today, I’m sharing something I don’t ordinarily share:  a poem that has only seen one draft. It came about as I was thinking about this new picture book – and even though it has no business being in the book, it still ended up being written, anyway. Poems are funny like that. So I figured I’d share it here, since it may not show up anywhere else, and may never even get a second draft, for all I know. It’s simply a few lines about the “clowns of the dog world,” but it’s my first poem of 2015 so I’m going to post here whether you like it or not!

Last night the thing was stuck in my head; now it’s out and I can move on. Speaking of moving on, if you want to find more poetry, head on over to Tabatha Yeatts’ The Opposite of Indifference for the Poetry Friday roundup!

Dog Clown

In ancient times, dogs guarded castles and kings.
Protected their masters from all sorts of things.
They hunted. They battled.
Today, they might frown
upon seeing my shih tzu – on the bed, upside down.

© 2015, Matt Forrest Esenwine


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20 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: “Dog Clown”

  1. Tabatha

    “smacked in the cerebrum” — I like that, Matt! Was your OWL for 2015 “creative,” Matt? Because it seems like you are firing on all cylinders!


  2. dmayr

    Even though I’m a cat person, I have had dogs throughout my life. I love their smile-making capabilities, which you so succinctly pointed out to us!


  3. Matt, I’m sorry, just looked back and checked. I thought (but didn’t) I’d said I’d share your poem today. So I have posted it on my site today. Have a great day. You are inspiring me to do something with my works, so though you have had a spate of “bad luck”, your good has quite outweighed it! Thanks for your continuing inspiration!


  4. Delightful, Matt!
    [And after a lifetime of having “real” dogs, we rescued a Chihuahua a couple of years ago, and these tiny little things have their own charms, don’t they?]
    May your Muse continue to “hound” you all year!


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