Poetry Friday: “Poetry…Cubed!” wraps up its 3rd week!

Poetry Cubed logoHard to believe, but we’re at the end of the 3rd week of November already – Thanksgiving will be here next week, and the “Poetry…Cubed!” entries keep coming in!

If you’re unfamiliar with this, let me explain…

This challenge is based on The Food Network show, “Chopped,” where chefs compete against each other to create dishes using specific, surprise ingredients given to them in a special basket.

And since my contest also uses three “ingredients,” I call it “Poetry…Cubed!” Here’s how it works:

  • Use the 3 images below as inspiration to write a poem.
  • The poem can be any form, any number of lines, rhyming or not.
  • The only hitch is that you need to include a reference to all three images in the poem – either via concrete imagery or something more abstract.
  • Ornaments
    (click to enlarge)

    Then email your poem to me at Matt (at) MattForrest (dot) com before Nov. 30 and I’ll share them all here throughout the month! Out of all the poems entered, ONE lucky writer will be chosen at random to receive his/her choice of:

Your three images (click to enlarge any of them):


Think you can make some poetic deliciousness out of these? I’ll post all the poems and announce the winner on Fri., Dec. 4. Here are some more poems that have come in since last week, including one from someone who wishes to remain anonymous. (and a special thanks to Jessica Bigi, who has now submitted TWO poems for the challenge!)

West Virginia

Misty ghosts of
Blue-gray uniforms
Crowing mountains
Berry-leaved branches
Razing towards glory
Somehow not
As gram remember
Though still in
Her mountain beauty
The cools that warmed our stove
Grew snapdragons’ feet
Distrustful it is
Victory – victory
Streets a blaze
Grams remembering
The heroes that battled here and
The beauty of her mountain home
Lights a candle and prays

– Jessica Bigi

Sweet Revenge

The stove burns brightly.
I’ve tricked them again,
fed bittersweet berries
and now they have lain
aside all their worries,
asleep as I sought.
Dear Hansel and Gretel –
now time for the pot.
Oh no! He’s awakened.
My plan to be slick
is failing, I’m falling
into my own trick.

– © Linda Baie 2015, All Rights Reserved

November Haiku

Autumn dances
in gusts of red and gold
bittersweet flames

– Anonymous

Poetry_Friday logoLooking for more poetry? You’re in luck! Tricia at The Miss Rumphius Effect is hosting Poetry Friday today, and has all the links ready and waiting for you!

And be sure to send your poems to me at Matt (at) MattForrest (dot) com before Nov. 30, to be eligible to win!


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19 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: “Poetry…Cubed!” wraps up its 3rd week!

  1. Appreciate your cubing initiative, Matt (even if I definitely do not appreciate the team behind the middle photo…How did the Giants manage to lose to them?)…It’s such a joy to see how the same three photos inspired three different poems…The Hansel & Gretel allusion was a nice surprise, as was the West Virginia take. Kudos, too, to the poet behind the Anon. Haiku. Thank you, all!


      1. I’m smiling, appreciating your wit–not the team’s winning ways… Sooner or later there will be traffic jam, roadblock, delay..whatever..no one is perfect, not even you-know-who …sooner or later, one of these seasons, there will be a loss…but when????

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I just went to read it! I love how you took to that one image and expounded on it..I think of those as beautiful, poetic little berries – but yes, they’re invasive and are a nuisance! Perhaps you’ll consider doing a haiku triptych for this?


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