2013: My blog in review

What do Myanmar, Canada, Ecuador, the United States, Zimbabwe, the U.K., and Sweden all have in common?

They all have citizens who, at some point during the past year, visited my blog! Overall, I received 12,000 views from people in 112 countries…and while these numbers may seem small to some folks, to me, it’s astonishing.  Seriously, can you imagine being able to communicate with that many people – from so many diverse backgrounds – so easily, a mere 20 years ago?

I’m beginning to think this whole “technology” thing might not be so bad, after all.

You see, the folks at WordPress.com once again have compiled year-end stats for my blog, and I’m as surprised as anyone at some of them – not only because of the popularity of some of them, but because a few of my most popular posts didn’t show up as being most-viewed (such as my review of a Highlights writer’s workshop, an explanation of the importance of rate integrity in the voiceover industry, and a poem I wrote for one of my daughters, who graduated high school this past year).

If you’d like to check out the stats, just click the graphic!


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3 thoughts on “2013: My blog in review

  1. Kathy Brodsky

    Hi Matt,

    Great job with your blog. I loved what you did today with all of the effects!!

    Hope youre healing well and that you and your expanding family had a good Christmas. No word from Dan, but the one thing I know is that hes no longer Executive Director at IPNE. Ill try contacting him to find out if hes going to finish My Bent Tree or not.

    I havent done anything with digital yet, voiceovers yet.but Ill keep you posted.

    Hope 2014 is a Happy Healthy one for you and your gang!


    Kathy Brodsky o.(603) 668-1975 http://www.kathybrodsky.com / http://www.helpingwords.com / Girl Scouts Studio


    Moments in Our Lives My Bent Tree & The Inside Story Green Book Festival Honorable Mention Just Sniffing Around Purrsnikitty The Winner is – Preferred Choice Award, Creative Child Magazine Stover – Preferred Choice Award, Creative Child Magazine A Horse Named Special – Creative Child Magazine Picture Book of the Year A CatFish Tale – Creative Child Magazine Picture Book of the Year


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